Saturday, February 1, 2014

Tybee Island

Tybee Island
By Anonymous, Stone Mountain, GA

The waves crash onto the shore
A shore that goes on forever
The tides uncover the jewels of the sea
A sea that is full of wonder
The callus shells and petrified sharks teeth found under the gritty sand beneath my shoes
All the hidden treasures appear into sight

The gray, overcast sky hovers over me like a blanket that stretches for miles
The sun peers through the clouds, illuminating a reflection onto the waves
All I see are the colors of nature surrounding me

Seagull chirps fill the air with rhythmic tones
Rhythms that bring me to peace
Wind tussles my hair, leaving it in an unruly mess
The cold wind bites through my jacket, while I feel the Atlantic breezes roll in

Serenity of the beach washes away troubles in life
Peaceful feelings rush over me, as I inhale happiness and exhale stress


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